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This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles. 

"After chasing the Career Promotions & another Degree, to get that edge over other Job Seekers, I hit burnout. When I found this business everything changed - I feel on purpose, stronger & motivated. I love the products, the community & now I know the only competition is within myself. I work part time, I have full flexibility, I'm present with my family & run a successful business. What a great gift!" ~ Daymir Castillo, Germany

Daymir Castillo

I'm previously from the UK, currently living in Brisbane & prior to joining this business, I was a HR Director of a large company, and ran my own consulting firm. I was looking for time freedom, the ability to still make a difference and to replace my executive salary. This business has ticked all my boxes and a whole lot more. I certainly have the time freedom, the products have changed my life, mostly by showing me how to be comfortable in my own skin and giving me the inner peace I so longed for, the support and community were the greatest surprise and I have now replaced my executive level income & created a lifestyle that is much more enjoyable. - Julie Spring, Brisbane Australia

Julie Spring

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Corina Tisan

Hi, I'm Corina.

 Romanian professional living in the UK, mum of 2 wonderful boys, keen badminton player and passionate about happy and healthy living.

I have been an accountant all my life and I used to think that it is the ideal profession for me. I changed countries at the age of 38 and retrained in the UK as an accounting technician. Few years down the line I realised that  following my career path once again, at a different age now and with more personal responsibilities, I won't be able to achieve the financial security I hoped for. 

 This business allowed me to see a clear path to achieving my financial and my lifestyle goals.  It is flexible so I can work around family commitments and as a bonus I am part of an amazing community of talented and supportive professionals from all over the world.

Enjoying life 

My son Luca made me very proud when he was admitted to a prestigious university

I love the Mediterranean sea

Exploring Isola Bella, Taormina, Sicily

MY BACK STORY:  I had a successful career in Romania for 13 years, progressing from a graduate in Economic Sciences to financial director for a car dealership and achieving the chartered accountant status in the process. In 2011, due to my (then) husband's career opportunity, we relocated to the UK with our 9 year old son. I knew I had to study to convert my qualification to a UK one but life had a different plan for me - my youngest son was born 2 years later and,  after another 2 years, I became a single mum. Studying in a different language, at the same time as working, bringing up a young boy and a teenager in a foreign country, running a household on my own, was challenging. But after 3 years I qualified as an AAT accountant and secured an accountancy job.

THE PROBLEM:  Approaching the age of 50 I was getting anxious about the future – earning a limited wage and not having financial security or enough time to spend with my boys and my partner was not part of my plan. I needed the opportunity to develop a sustainable income in order to secure a more relaxed and happy future for me and my family. I wanted to feel valued for my experience and skills and to fully explore my potential.

THE LIFELINE: I came across this amazing online business opportunity through my life coach a couple of years ago. I liked the concept but was reluctant to engage with it initially, thinking the spare time I had available wouldn't be enough to make it work. But seeing the amazing progress she made in only 2 years, I decided to make time. I do not regret it! I was always interested in personal development, but this business is taking it to a different level. I am fully engaged with the simple but efficient system, comprehensive training and the support from my director is second to none. I am now on track, working towards my dream life style and high income goals while being part of a community of talented professionals from all over the world.

If you relate to any of the above, if you want to be rewarded for your time and talent, If you are a big thinker and have a couple of hours a day to devote to a new business venture, then reach out to me today.

I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Corina Tisan

Let's hear from Tania Brint - my director

"It’s hard to put in just a few words what this business has done for my family and me since joining. The products have changed us all and how we live our life. I am a better mom, wife, and person. I stopped smoking and found my badass self which was lost for many years. I love this business and everything about it". - Maital David Katar , Portugal

Maital David Katar 

I came to this business solely for the income opportunity. Leaving a successful leadership career in the UK restaurant trade, I’d started my own coaching practice but was still trading time for money and I knew I had to find a way to work smarter not harder. What I hadn’t counted on was the opportunity to join an amazing & supportive community, the personal growth journey I would be on, and the opportunity to help others achieve their potential. The income is a bonus! - Tania Brint, UK

Tania Brint

After working for a boss for a limited wage, I was looking for a change